Monday, February 9, 2009

Well these are a little late, but.... I thought I would share some pics of the kids on Christmas! Tini of course listening to her new mp3 player, Jayana is showing off her beautiful face with her new "play" make-up. lol And Johnny Angel is being silly as ever! OF course we can't leave out the 6th member of our family Tini's dog Tiny! He is our little Tiny guy!

Sweetheart Dance!

Johnny and Jayana had their first Father Daughter Dance Saturday! It was the sweetest thing! They went to the dance with her Uncle Paul and cousin Dezyrae. They got to dance, eat cupcakes, get glitter spray on their hair, faces painted, a chocolate fountain and even made a Valentines Day Card for Mom with a "dance" picture inside! She hasn't stopped talking about it all weekend! And of course after the dance the boys took them to a very classy dinner at Mcdonalds! ;) My Nana's is growing up SO fast and getting cuter by the day!